A worried Julia goes to see Heston and finds him packing away all of Marina’s belongings. Julia thinks he should report Marina to the police especially as Marina deals with vulnerable families. Heston loses his temper and refuses.

As Julia discusses it with Elaine, Marina arrives to tell them she’s taking early retirement. Julia thinks Heston will be happy to hear that Marina has gone, but he never wants to hear Marina’s name mentioned again. Julia tries to comfort him but he flinches when she touches him and he asks her to leave.

Meanwhile, Freya asks Mandy to move in with her and Mandy accepts. Mandy’s craft class doesn’t start well when the class leader Red overhears Freya making fun of her name. She then upsets another member of the group, Fran, when she mistakes what her painting is of.

As Freya shows an interest in a quilt being made for a charity auction and things start to go well, Freya spills water over Fran’s painting – then uses some of the quilt patches to clean it up. However, by the end of the session, Freya’s opinion of the craft class has changed and she wants to come again.

Also, feeling used by an old friend, Kevin risks their friendship to teach him a lesson about respect.