Julie unleashes her pain at Paul, and when he reaches out to put a comforting arm on her shoulder, she reports him to the police for harassment. Mark issues Paul with an anklet tracker that restricts his movement to within motel grounds.

Aaron’s rattled when Julie shows up to beg for any information about Tom’s whereabouts. However, Nate thinks she might be sender of the text messages. He replies to the mystery texter but is disappointed when her phone doesn’t light up.

Following the Citizen of the Year Awards ceremony, Brad shows Ned a box, which contains every photo, letter, and report card he’s been sent over the years. Brad explains he wants to create new memories and asks Ned to help him finish Doug’s bar.

Paige is buoyed when John picks up a power drill… and knows how to use it! Mark also tells them that a Lassiters staff member met John on the morning of the explosion and might hold a key to his identity.