Julie gets awful news from Dr Matt

A teary Julie tells her friends about the scan and Eileen offers to go with her to see Dr Carter and get her test results. Julie’s floored as Dr Matt gives her the prognosis.

With Terry nowhere to seen Kirsty’s smug about seeing off his club until she’s suspended for her illegal search of the town hall. Tyrone tries to reassure her, but as Tommy insists she’s got her comeuppance she storms off. Later, she turns on Tyrone accusing him of not backing her up against Tommy and pushing her into taking action against the club. Tyrone reveals he’s spoken to Carla who’s offered to give her a job packing at the factory. Railing at Tyrone Kirsty insists policing was her life. Tyrone apologises, but when he suggests she’s over-reacting Kirsty’s anger boils over leaving Tyrone stunned by her actions. Meanwhile, when the loan sharks come calling Tommy is forced to offer to bail Terry out.

Kevin asks Pam if she’ll consider having Jack on a semi-permanent basis as Sally isn’t prepared to play mother to him. Pam’s appalled by Kevin’s selfishness, but agrees she’ll always be there for baby Jack.

Also, the residents work on their entries for the Weatherfield in Bloom contest, with Norris keen to outdo his neighbours.