Eileen is gobsmacked by Paula’s announcement and demands to know exactly what she’s trying to say. Paula blurts out that Colin is Julie’s father and it’s clear that Colin seduced her when she was underage. Rita is horrified by the revelation and slips away from the Rovers, devastated.

Eileen turns to Colin for a denial, but when he avoids her eye she realises that Paula is telling the truth. Eileen blames a devastated Paula for breaking up her parents’ marriage. Julie struggles to come to terms with the news and a worried Jason questions ‘Auntie’ Julie about whether they slept together after their drunken evening and he’s relieved when Julie confirms that nothing happened between them.

Ken decides it is time he and Deirdre escaped the monotony of their day-to-day lives and suggests a weekend away. Deirdre is enthusiastic, but her plans to see Grease in the West End don’t quite match with Ken’s desire to do some brass rubbing at a church in Stratford-Upon-Avon. A miserable Ken finds himself down at the canal, but he doesn’t pluck up the courage to visit Martha.

Also, Amy reveals she is being bullied by a boy at school and Becky is determined to protect her.