Julie schemes to get Eileen off the hook

Julie becomes Eileen‘s partner in crime when she panics over Owen wanting his money back. Later, she’s unnerved again when Owen turns up to continue working on the roof. Breaking down she tells Julie all about the stolen money and Owen’s threats, Julie assures her that she can help.

Julie points out to Eileen that she’s got far more on Owen than he’s got on her, as she knows he’s been ripping off the tax man for years. She insists that all they need is evidence and Eileen dares to double-cross Owen again.

The police call in to the cab office with a warrant to search all the taxis. Lloyd‘s out while they’re there. But later when Cheryl opens his car boot and discovers a hold-all of stolen goods Lloyd’s stunned, insisting he’s been stitched up. It seems Lloyd’s finally cottoned on to Chris’s plan.

Also, Kevin shows a prospective buyer round No 4, but he’s furious to discover Sally has purposely left the place in a tip to put the buyer off. He knows she’s determined to keep the house and decides he needs to stop her.

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