Julie struggles to cope with Brian’s lies

Downbeat and confused, Julie is struggling to understand why Brian lied to her. Brian’s cursing his own cowardice and stupidity, but gingerly asks Julie if they can talk. He tries to explain why he doesn’t want to foster, but it’s clear the couple have reached an impasse.

While David faces up to life without his family, Gail’s tortured by her decision and Leanne tells Nick that David leaving won’t bring his health back. David tells Kylie he’s going for good and where he’s going he won’t need any belongings. A worried Kylie thinks he’s contemplating suicide, but Nick’s not so sure…

Dev’s ready for his first personal fitness session with Kal, but it’s a shock to the system and he struggles to keep up with the regime. His morale is boosted however, when Kal says he’s done really well.

Also, Dennis and Gloria plan the showcase night with Ritchie, but Rita isn’t thrilled; an angry Marcus confronts Todd.