Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan are the avatars of four high-school kids magically stranded inside a jungle videogame.

This sequel to the 1995 fantasy comedy, which starred Robin Williams, is great fun thanks to superb CGI effects, pacy action, a witty script and game stars.

Johnson is a scream as the teenage nerd trapped inside the body of a strapping adventure hero and Gillan captures the writhing discomfort of the wallflower transformed into a midriff-baring, Lara Croft-style badass. Kevin Hart is similarly put out as the hulking alpha jock turned into a shrimp-sized zoologist, while Black predictably lets rip as the prissy teen princess, mortified to have been converted into an overweight middle-aged male palaeontologist.

Pilot Nick Jonas (also good value) is along for the ride, too, as they realise they must use their game skills and work together to get out of the jungle.