Kirsten Dunst and brother Bradley Pierce play an old board game that brings the inhabitants of an African jungle to life.

Discovered in an old box under a building site, the board game is Jumanji and, for anyone foolish enough to play it, absolutely anything is liable to happen.

After being trapped in the Jumanji jungle for 26 years, a grizzled Robin Williams comes back to help  its two latest players cope with its crazy rules.

In short order, bats, scorpions, a trigger-happy hunter and a stampede of elephants are just some of the unwelcome visitors who enthusiastically trash their home and the local area.

Moving at a breakneck pace and jam-packed with state-of- the-art special effects, this is more fun than a barrel-load of monkeys–literally so in the scene in which a troop of the little terrors take over.