June and Jim are held hostage

After more than 23 years at Sun Hill, it’s sergeant June Ackland’s last day before she hands in her warrant card for good. And with ex-husband, DS Jim Carver, back on the scene, it’s certain to be an eventful one.

Their plans to avoid each other are scuppered when DI Sam Nixon volunteers June to work with Jim on his case. Now based in Manchester, Jim has tracked down notorious drug dealer, Pat Hadley, to London and is determined to find out what he’s up to.

But June soon realises that Jim hasn’t returned to Sun Hill just to get his hands on a drug baron and she’s taken aback when Jim pours his heart out to her, telling her he’s changed, and puts her on the spot by asking if she really wants to marry Rod.

June is shocked and angered by Jim’s arrogant outburst – but she has little time to be annoyed as she and Jim soon find themselves held hostage at gunpoint…

Meanwhile, a skeleton is discovered on some waste ground and uniform are asked to search the area. Pc Lewis Hardy is surprised when the investigation leads him to his flatmate, Tash Niles’ brother, Rudy.