Mila Kunis is Jupiter, an immigrant cleaner in Chicago who is actually the heir to an intergalactic dynasty.

She learns of her true vocation after space soldier Channing Tatum whooshes in on his nifty skates to rescue her from assassins.

Writer-director siblings The Wachowskis’ first original sci-fi since their Matrix trilogy, this is nowhere in the same league and is bogged down by stupendously silly dialogue.

Eddie Redmayne almost rescues things as the story’s chief villain, who drips with such cosmic disdain that he can’t be bothered to raise his voice above a weary whisper. And, playing his brother and sister, Tuppence Middleton and Douglas Booth are deliciously decadent, too.

But the batty plot smothers the film’s pleasures. However, it does look absolutely stunning and is a definite camp classic.