Justin accepts Warren’s offer

While Warren throws a huge bash in The Loft to celebrate being the new owner, Justin decides to broach the subject of him and Katy leaving. But when Warren offers him the manager’s job, Justin accepts.

Sarah tries to cheer Hannah up by taking her for a drink at the Dog, but Sarah is left upset herself when she hears John-Paul publicly announce his love for Craig. Meanwhile, John-Paul is excited about going to Dublin with Craig, but Craig wants to keep it quiet. Myra’s gutted when she finds out about their plans and confronts John-Paul, slapping him.

Ashamed of her behaviour, Myra apologises and decides it’s time to have a heart to heart with her son. However, Frankie is not so understanding when she hears about Craig’s intentions, and refuses to accept that he and John-Paul are leaving. She orders Myra out of the pub and the squabbling mums end up on the patio. Elsewhere, John-Paul confirms his love for Craig, but doesn’t realise that Sarah hears everything.

Max and OB have an Arabian Nights promotion in MOBS, but Max ends up chucking Steph out when she arrives in her belly dancing outfit. However, Max can’t deny his feelings for Steph and the pair heads back to the flat, but he’s left confused when Steph flees…