Clare is determined to take back control of the Loft after discovering that Calvin knows about their sideline in cocaine, and orders Warren to do a stock take, forcing him to comply by locking him and Justin in the club. But Warren interprets “stock take” as “taking stock” and he and Justin end up raiding the bar and comparing blokey stories, with Justin trying his best to impress Warren. But Warren is shocked when a drunken Justin confesses that he lied to get revenge on Becca.

Over at the campus surgery, the students worry about the drugs trial when they’re handed some scary looking consent forms. But Gilly, Rhys and Zak soon cheer up when they meet sexy Nurse Roberts. During the trial, Rhys does his best to chat her up, but doesn’t get very far, while Jessica gets jealous when Kris bets the others that he can bed the nurse.

Hannah and Sarah are horrified when they see Craig and John-Paul covered in bruises and Craig feels guilty about their fight. Sarah is concerned that Craig is hanging around with Sonny, but a frosty Craig is annoyed that Sarah isn’t more worried about their relationship. Later, he decides it’s time to make amends with John-Paul, but will he listen?
* Screened on TV3, Monday 12th March *