Justin agrees to testify

Katy is annoyed when Justin refuses to be a character witness for Warren, warning her that her he’s lied under oath once before. Katy won’t buy it and Justin is forced to agree to testify to keep Katy onside. Katy can’t resist telling Clare the good news, prompting a worried Clare to confront Justin and try to change his mind – it’s in both their interests to get Warren sent down.

Fed up with living at home, Mercedes tells Russ she doesn’t want to spend married life living in the same house as her family. Russ assures her he’s going to look at flats today.

Meanwhile, Jake takes Nancy out for a picnic to cheer her up, but they just end up talking about their cash flow worries. Later, when Jake bumps into Russ in the village, they come up with a solution to both of their problems, they should all move in together. But can they convince Nancy and Mercedes?

Max and OB persuade Steph to help them promote MOBS – and they can’t believe their eyes when she turns up in a sexy costume. She’s a big hit with the customers, but, Max is left in agony when he bows to pressure to join in a limbo competition.