Justin and Hannah prepare for life on the run

Justin doesn’t want to bring Hannah down with him and tells her to stay in the village but she convinces him to let her go with him. Justin heads to the graveyard while Hannah packs her bags. Rhys finds out what’s happening and ends up in a fight with Josh when he tries to stop Hannah leaving. Hannah meets Justin at the graveyard but Justin realises he can’t let Hannah have a life on the run and Hannah is devastated when Justin leaves without her.

Carmel is beside herself when she realises that Russ has disappeared with Max and is not answering his phone. Jacqui gets home and is horrified when Carmel confesses that Russ has kidnapped Max. Jacqui calls the police and drags Carmel out to help her find Russ but they have no luck and they later discover that Max’s passport has gone.

Russ slips back into the flat to get his things and is confronted by Nancy, who makes one last desperate attempt to get him to stay with her. When Russ shows no signs of changing his mind, Nancy proposes and says she wants to leave with him. Russ is thrown, but he tells her he can’t and leaves her distraught.

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