Justin comes clean to Hannah

Justin turns up at Hannah‘s house and begs her forgiveness, but Suzanne sends him packing. Hannah later sneaks out to meet Justin and she tells him she will push away her interfering family to be with him. A guilty Justin confesses that her family are right, he is a bad seed, and he helped Warren move Sean’s body. Hannah is stunned, but realises that Warren left Justin with no option and she vows to stand by him.

Tony is suspicious when he spots Loretta driving out of the village with a strange man and she later lies about her whereabouts to Dom. Tony tells Dom that he suspects Loretta may be having an affair. Dom insists he trusts Loretta but she feels forced to come clean and she confesses she’s still working as a lapdancer. Dom is crushed that she’s lied to him and tells her they’re finished.

Anita is hopeful that her first day back at school will go smoothly when Lauren apologises for being mean to her. But it’s soon clear that Lauren is up to her old tricks when she glues Anita’s locker shut and Anita vows to get revenge on her tormentor.

Also, Persephone interrupts Lydia and Sarah’s fun.

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