Justin comes to the rescue!

Justin is terrified when he arrives back at halls to find all the students unconscious – including Katy. Justin drags them out one by one and calls an ambulance, terrified that Katy might not make it through. Jessica returns home to the chaotic scene and panics, realising it’s all her fault.

Mercedes and Danny race to halls to help Justin save the students. Mercedes feels sick when she realises Carmel is trapped in one of the bedrooms but as the door is broken down Mercedes is stunned to see Carmel and her husband Russ unconscious in each others arms.

After a great date, Rhys takes Beth back to his parents’ house, but tells her he doesn’t want to rush things. He admits he’s got a reputation when it comes to girls and doesn’t want to mess things up this time. But Beth tells Rhys she doesn’t see the point in taking things slowly, and they fall in to each others arms.

When Tom can’t sleep, OB lets him stay up, and after a chat, OB realises Tom still has a thing for Steph and worries that Tom can’t accept the fact that Max and Steph are an item.