Justin runs into Scarlett and she’s as cold as ice towards him. Later, at The Diner, Alf notices the tension, but refuses to get involved. When John and Marilyn come to The Diner in the hope to find Raffy, Scarlett volunteers to help look for the youngster. Justin also volunteers and the pair searches for Raffy together. Will they finally admit that want to try and make things work?

Meanwhile, Coco is desperate to go for a run after her meal, but Maggie stops her as she wants her to help organise a project for school at the Surf Club. As she can’t go for a run, Coco decides to make herself sick in the bathroom. At the Surf Club, Coco manages to leave Maggie and make her way to the gym.

En route, she bumps into VJ who says he will teach her how to surf. However, Coco doesn’t want to take off her shirt when she gets soaking wet. VJ tells her if she doesn’t take her wet clothes off, she’ll catch a cold, but Coco tries to brush him off. Will Coco’s eating disorder finally be exposed?