Justin finds Katy with Zak

Justin arrives back in Hollyoaks to fetch Katy and run away. Afraid of losing Katy, Zak tries to talk Justin out of running away, but fails and Justin heads to Katy’s room to pack for her. Meanwhile, Katy arrives home upset following her confrontation with Louise, and turns to Zak for comfort. After their kiss, Katy is stunned to see Justin standing there having witnessed everything. Katy tries to explain but a devastated Justin flees.

Despite vowing to stand by Warren, Louise is finding it hard to accept that Warren is a murderer. She’s further shocked by the revelation that Katy already knew about Warren’s crime, and confronts her. Hating all the secrets, Katy begs Warren to go to the police, but even starts thinking of coming clean herself, before tough-talking Louise scares her into keeping quiet.

With his bet to bed Mercedes failing fast, Darren turns the tables on Kris and bets him that he couldn’t do much better. After some disastrous attempts at chatting Mercedes up, Kris is ready to give in, before coming up with a last gasp plan…

Also, cash problems and the lie about Leah’s leukaemia are starting to take their toll on Amy, and things get worse when she and Ste are robbed.

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