Justin gets close to Sasha

As Michaela gloats about Sasha being dumped by Fletch, Sasha confesses to Valerie that she misses having Michaela as a friend. Later, Sasha is tempted to call Nige but a chat with Justin takes her mind off things. Justin explains what it feels like for him to be Charlie’s dad and she shares her nightmare journey to get off heroin with him. Their tender moment ends with a kiss.

Kieron heads to the McQueens, hoping to see John-Paul. The chemistry is obvious between them but the moment is interrupted when Michaela comes home. After rifling through Michaela’s bag for a tenner she nicked from him, John-Paul spies a letter informing Michaela that she has to go for her second HIV test. John-Paul confronts Michaela, but she admits she’s scared to go for the test, worried about facing life with HIV.

Warren is unimpressed by Carmel’s ‘free Louise Summers’ campaign, especially when he sees posters emblazoned with Louise’s face appearing all over the village. Warren orders Carmel to drop her campaign, not wanting Louise to be the subject of gossip. So when a reporter turns up at the salon, Carmel does her best to say nothing. But Warren is outraged to later discover that Mercedes has told the reporter that Louise is guilty.

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