Justin helps Willow again!

... but will Justin come to regret getting involved?

Ash warns Justin to stay away from Willow, but Justin can’t help himself and goes running to her when he finds out her dad is in hospital. At the hospital, Willow receives a text from Boyd explaining that he pushed Willow’s father, Russell, down the stairs. Willow is distraught and blames herself, so Justin decides to confront Boyd. Will Justin soon regret his decision to protect Willow and Russell?

Meanwhile, the Stewarts are in good spirits after hearing about Roo’s recovery options. Ryder arrives at the hospital and tearfully apologises to his aunt. However, things between Ryder and Quinn are tense and Alf has to step in and give his grandson a piece of his mind. Will Ryder and Quinn ever work out their issues?

Family issues aren’t the only thing on Ryder’s mind, however, as Raffy wants to go to the police about the dead body they found, but Ryder tells her they can’t, as he stole the boat. What will Raffy do?

Also, Robbo is struggling with his secret and decides that the best thing he can do is leave Kat. He writes a farewell note, but is caught leaving by Ash. Ash says he’s not surprised by Robbo’s actions, but urges him to give Kat some respect and tell her he’s leaving face to face. Will Robbo take Ash’s advice?