Justin makes a bet with Ash

Justin annoys Ste when he sells their games console and buys an old wreck of a bike for the race with Ash. Hannah has to step in when the boys get involved in a scuffle and tells off Justin for being immature. Justin realises there’s no way he’ll be able to beat Ash in a race and decides to pull out – until a smug Ash pushes him into wagering one hundred pounds on the race.

Warren tries to juggle work, Sasha and Spencer and is frustrated when Bel complains that Evissa is falling apart without Carmel. Sasha and Warren look forward to spending time together but Calvin interrupts and invites Warren for a drink. Calvin steers the conversation towards Louise and Warren is relieved when Carmel interrupts and announces she’s going back to work at Evissa after a little persuasion from Sasha.

Steph is furious that Fernando has set up a rival dance school but when he turns up and offers her an olive branch she finds herself agreeing to go for a drink. Steph is annoyed when Fernando turns up late, especially when he explains that his dance class overran, but she soon finds herself thawing towards him.

Also, Carmel refuses to change her mind about divorcing Calvin.

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