Justin is having nightmares about what happened to his father. He asks Nicole to look out for Aden if he’s not around. He thinks Aden should join the army – the rage that’s building up inside him needs an outlet. Justin confesses to Charlie that he killed his father. Charlie takes his statement and tells him they will search the area again, which alarms Justin. When Aden finds out what Justin has done, he knows they need to fix it somehow.

Leah and Elijah have no regrets about taking their relationship to the next level. Leah is enjoying the moment, even though Elijah knows the Bishop frowns on relationships outside of marriage. Leah and Elijah are kissing in the car and are caught in the act.

Annie decides to return to Japan. Romeo doesn’t think he can convince her otherwise. Annie is frustrated by his attitude. Romeo tries to use old movies for inspiration, but fails miserably. Nicole tells him he needs to fight for Annie or she will leave. Romeo finds Annie and tells her they need to focus on today and not worry about tomorrow. It will come and they will deal with it then. She’s touched by that and agrees.

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