Justin Morgan searches for Brody

A frustrated Justin Morgan decides go out looking for Brody...

With the crash site covered in thick smoke, the group surrounds Billie as they hear the sound of an approaching chopper – help is finally on its way. At the hospital, it is left to Irene to tell Alf, Roo and Justin Morgan that Tori, Brody and Duncan are still missing. With Justin frustrated that he’s not managed to track down his siblings, he decides to take matters into his own hands and go out looking for Brody.

Meanwhile, Hunter supports Olivia, who’s still an emotional wreck over Irene‚Äôs brush with death, and can’t help but rub it in Tabitha’s face. How will a jealous Tabitha get revenge on Hunter?

Also, will Alf finally admit that he was too harsh on Duncan?