Justin Morgan vows to get revenge for Brody

Justin Morgan is after Decker - but will he just land the family in more trouble?

Nate manages to get Brody’s heart beating again, but Brody needs an urgent operation that could result in his leg being amputated. Will Tori sign the consent form? Justin Morgan is determined to get revenge against Decker – but how far will he go?

VJ and Billie are at odds when VJ wants to know the gender of their baby. Will Billie reach breaking point and finally tell the teen that the baby isn’t his?

Duncan is beside himself with guilt over the plane crash. As he continues to blame himself, will the Morgans finally come clean about their dangerous past?

Also, Irene refuses to take some time off after the plane crash. After her kidnapping and now the crash, is she on the verge of a breakdown?