Leila is horrified to discover that Justin is due to paint her family portrait. Knowing that if Justin doesn’t agree to help her, the family will discover she is really an art student, Leila begs Justin to help her. Finally, he agrees and the two of them have a crash course in art. Will they get away with it?

With Louise and Warren seemingly back on, Louise’s thoughts turn to the wedding and she enlists Mandy’s help to plan something special for the wedding night. Mandy squirms as Louise tries on sexy underwear for Warren. Later, Mandy tells Warren what a nightmare she is having, but he persuades her that the chance of getting caught is half the fun.

Carmel and Calvin are enjoying a day in the park with Max when Carmel finds out about Mark being beaten up. Calvin pleads ignorance, but starts to worry about his increasing lies. Calvin tells her to visit Mark to check he is okay, while he visits Warren who has to calm his fraying nerves. When Calvin leaves, Warren pays off a shady looking Nige to keep out of sight and out of Calvin’s way.

Meanwhile, suave and sophisticated Ash Roy, the oldest of the siblings and owner of Relish, arrives in Hollyoaks.

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