Justin pines for Katy

Katy has had enough of a besotted Justin moping around after her but, determined to win back his girl, Justin thinks he’s still in with a chance. Jessica ends up giving Justin some advice – if he wants to win Katy back, then he’ll have to make a grand gesture.

Finding it hard to watch Steph date his big brother, Tom decides to play a trick on Max, and it’s left to OB to explain that Max really is keen on Steph. Later, when spruced up Max heads off for a date with Steph, everything ends up going wrong. Will Steph and Max make it beyond their first real date as a couple?

Gilly and Suzanne wind up lovesick Rhys following his successful date with Beth, which only serves to irritate him. And he’s further annoyed when Gilly accidentally washes his mobile phone, meaning that Beth’s number is lost as well. Furious Rhys is ready to kill Gilly for possibly causing him to lose the girl of his dreams and is left having to resort to waiting by the phone hoping Beth will call him instead.