Will Justin regret dumping Phoebe?

Will Justin regret ending his relationship with Phoebe?

Phoebe is left distraught by Justin’s decision to break up with her. She turns to Kat and Ash for support, who both disagree on what she should do about her relationship. Kat believes that a long distance relationship can work, but Ash disagrees. Will Phoebe go or will she change her mind and stay?

Besides being a supportive friend to Phoebe, Kat is preoccupied with catching the criminal who vandalised the pawn shop. After a careful investigation, Kat is led back to Scarlett Snow – the young lady who drove Brody away from the pawn shop. Will Brody’s lies and drug addiction finally be exposed.

Roo avoids Alf, fearful that he will judge her for getting pregnant. Will Alf give Roo his full support?