Justin reveals Raffy’s DNA results

Justin and the rest of The Morgans wait with baited breathe to find out whether Raffy is their half sister

The Morgans finally receive Raffy’s DNA results – but will the outcome tear the family apart once and for all?

Hope is on edge after her run-in with the police and decides it’s time to leave the Bay and take Raffy with her. As they make their way out town, the police catch up with them and Hope’s actions have tragic consequences…

Evelyn tells Matt to leave after their passionate encounter. However, Matt doesn’t get very far, as he’s borrowed Mason’s car and it’s falling to pieces. He sleeps outside the Farm House in the car and the next morning Evelyn takes pity on him and invites him for breakfast. Is this finally the start of their romance?

Also, Duncan and Tori see have lunch at Salt and it’s clear there’s still chemistry there.