Scarlett is trapped in Jay’s house and it seems she won’t be going anywhere soon. She starts to panic when she overhears Jay talking about a potential drug deal with friends and calls Justin to rescue her by distracting Jay and his pals. Finally, Justin arrives and makes a scene outside Jay’s house giving Scarlett time to slip out of the back door.

Scarlett sets off to the pier apartment and tells Kat she needs to search Jay’s house for the murder weapon, Kat follows and finds the murder weapon there. The update in the murder enquiry gets Brody off the hook, but it has consequences for Kat’s career….

Over dinner, Kat pours out her heart to Robbo, but it’s clear he’s distracted. Later, Robbo bumps into Marilyn on the beach and they discuss his job prospects. Afterwards, Marilyn tells John that he should try and find Robbo work at the Surf Club. John’s not impressed and says he should look for work outside Summer Bay, forcing Marilyn to take matters into her own hands….

Also, Ben and Maggie agree that something else is going on with Ziggy, Maggie tries to speak to her daughter, but Ben finally gets Ziggy to open up and admit that she has broken up with Brody. The pair spend some father-daughter time together at the beach and, when Ziggy returns home, she throws away old presents from Brody. However, she stumbles across a piece of paper that may explain why Ziggy is so cold towards Maggie…