Justin saves the day

Unable to find anyone to take the rap for Sean’s murder and get Louise off the hook, Warren prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice and confess. Meanwhile, Justin tries to convince Jake to take the blame, promising to back Frankie’s application for custody of Charlie if Jake admits to murdering Sean.

Jake agrees, on the condition that Justin promises to never see Charlie again. Unaware that Justin is securing their freedom, Warren asks Darren to get Sean’s wallet back from The Dog so that he can hand himself in to the police.

Debt-ridden Jack asks a heartbroken Steph to contribute some cash to the household but Frankie berates him for his insensitivity. Later, a distressed Frankie announces that her credit cards have been refused, leaving Jack with no choice but to confess all.

Niall persuades a downbeat Steph to let him practice on her for the styling competition. But Niall is gutted when his charms don’t appear to work on Steph and he struggles to find the right time to tell her how he feels.

Also, John-Paul and Kieron’s afternoon alone is interrupted by Myra who arrives home and gets the baby photos out.

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