Justin tells Brody that he’s taking Scarlett on a date to the local pub. Brody tells him to make more of an effort, but Justin says he doesn’t need his advice. However, Justin decides to listen to his little brother and takes Scarlett for a romantic meal on a secluded beach. The date goes perfectly until Justin goes in for a swim…

Meanwhile, Ben and Maggie are at rest as Ziggy seems to be in a much better mood and Ziggy’s good mood continues when she receives a text from Brody. When Ziggy bumps into Olivia and Irene, she’s all smiles and admits to Olivia that she and Brody kissed.

When Irene overhears their conversation, she finds Brody and tells him to end things immediately. Brody goes over to Ziggy’s house when she’s alone and tries to end things, but it doesn’t take long before the pair gets passionate. However, Ziggy and Brody are startled when Ben and Maggie come home early.

Finally, Leah and Alf have a meeting with Ben and Maggie. Leah tries her best to convince Ben that she didn’t play a part in the heritage listing for the pier. Will he believe her?