Did Justin sleep with Scarlett?

Have the pair made a huge mistake?

Scarlett is mortified to wake up in Justin’s bed. She’s certain the pair must have slept together and she races out of the Morgans’ house. Roo catches her doing the walk of shame, and congratulates Scarlett on her night with Justin. Later, Roo informs Alf about Scarlett and Justin sleeping together and he’s livid, as he feels Justin has taken advantage of Scarlett. He finds Justin and gives him a piece of his mind, but Justin’s confused and explains that nothing happened. He finds Scarlett and explains the truth and she’s relieved. The pair have a heart to heart and Scarlett opens up about her marriage and how it fell apart. Later, the pair joins Alf for a boat ride. However, the three friends are unaware that someone is watching them…

Also, VJ tells Leah about his date with a French tutor called Coco and Leah’s over the moon that VJ is starting to move on from Billie. Meanwhile, Coco gets Ben to drop her at John and Marilyn’s house, so she can talk to Raffy before she heads off on the date. Raffy gives her friend some encouragement before meeting VJ, however, John and Marilyn overhear the girls! Will the pair spoil Coco’s date with VJ by telling him she’s only 16?