While Katy is sickened by Warren’s attack on Justin, Clare turns up and begins to dig for information about Sean’s death, giving Justin the impression she knows all about it. Scared, Justin tells Clare that Warren killed Sean, admitting he helped move his body.

A stunned Clare cons Justin into telling her everything, assuring him she’ll ensure Warren gets all the blame. Meanwhile at the police station, Warren is about to be released, when a detective tells him he’ll be held for questioning over the death of Sean Kennedy.

After receiving a letter from Mercedes’ solicitor claiming compensation for her fall in the Loft, Clare demands Max pay up because he was at fault for not insuring the club properly. However, Max hands Clare a fiver and tells her that’s all she’ll ever get from him.

The Ashworths celebrate Father’s Day in the Dog, but bump into Rhys, who angrily tells them he has to sleep on a friends floor because of his mum’s sordid affair. Later, a sobbing Rhys attacks Noel for breaking up his family. But he’s placated when Noel tells the story of how he and Suzanne got together and he ends up accepting Noel’s offer of a room at the B&B.

*Screened on TV3, Friday July 13*