Justin threatens Alicia! (VIDEO)

That’s a good girl, Alicia – keep your hands tucked under arms so you don’t deck Justin! Ever since he heard that Alicia could go to prison for hitting Val, Justin has been playing dirty. Justin knows that Alicia is desperately worried about losing Jacob if she goes to prison and he added to her torment by taunting her with the fact that she’s not Jacob’s birth mother. Now Justin’s telling Alicia that if she doesn’t tell Jacob she could soon be banged up, then he will. No wonder Alicia wants to bash him!

Cain wants to hurt Cameron. Why? Because Cameron said he was going to Jersey to see his kids while Debbie’s in France with Sarah. But Cameron’s son has phoned Emmerdale to talk to his dad. So where is Cameron? Cain’s convinced he’s playing away. Meanwhile, at their hotel hideaway, Cameron tells Chas he’s got a voicemail from his son saying he tried to phone him in Emmerdale and they both realise that this means Cain knows Cameron has lied. Uh-oh.

Moira finds out Hannah and Holly have been lying to her. Hannah hasn’t taken her exams and Holly hasn’t been visiting friends. Holly has got a job in London and Hannah thinks that her father’s death means she’s sentenced to a life of working on the farm so she hasn’t bothered with her exams.