Justin wants Willow’s help

Will Willow help Justin get rid of Robbo?

Justin tells Willow that he needs her help getting a fake ID, and an unregistered car to help someone disappear. Willow is shocked at Justin’s request and demands to know who he’s helping, but Justin refuses to give her the details. When Justin heads home, Raffy and Mason notice he’s acting out character and Justin becomes even more alarmed when Mason heads to the garage to collect some gym equipment. Will Mason find Robbo? And will Justin tell Willow the truth?

Meanwhile, the Astoni family continues to make a fuss of Maggie who is anxiously awaiting the results from her biopsy tests. Maggie throws herself into work, helping Roo prepare for her first week of teaching. Ben is worried that Maggie is doing too much. Could he be right?

Hunter is putting on a brave face regarding Olivia’s departure. Meanwhile, Olivia is in Axel’s swanky apartment getting ready to leave for Paris the next morning but she starts to feel homesick and questions her relationship with Axel when he returns home with some groupies. Hunter decides to send Olivia the proposal video but, when Ziggy finds out what he’s done, she tells Hunter that Olivia cheated on him. Later, Olivia returns to Summer Bay and tells Hunter she still loves him. Will the pair reconcile?