Justin’s arrested for being a hero

Hannah treks to a mechanics to get a spare part for Josh’s motorbike for his 18th birthday present. Ash promises to pick her up but when she calls he doesn’t answer as he’s flirting in the SU Bar. Hannah is freaked out by creepy mechanic Lodz and is forced to walk back alone. Justin answers Ash’s phone and takes Ash’s car to rescue Hannah and they’re stunned when Ash calls the police on Justin for taking his car.

Elliot confesses to Justin that he kissed Leila and Justin is put out but gives Elliot hope when he hints that he and Leila are over. Justin and Leila have a row about Elliot and Leila’s not afraid to tell Justin a few home truths. Leila flees and Elliot catches up with her. He’s left disappointed when Leila wants to stay just friends.

Carmel is back from her retreat and feeling miserable. Jacqui encourages her to call Calvin and talk things through. The couple seem to get back on track until Carmel discovers drugs in one of Sasha’s handbags and assumes that Sasha’s using again. Carmel is devastated when Calvin confesses that he hid the drugs in there as a favour to Warren and walks out on Calvin for good.

Also, Lauren is jealous of Newt and Anita’s relationship.

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