Justin Morgan hands over the book to Spike, but as he does, several police cars turn up and surround them. Spike is arrested and issues a threat to the Morgans – but will Justin be put in handcuffs too?

Zac doesn’t have much of an explanation for his lie and Leah decides it’s best she goes to Tori’s 30th birthday alone. Will they kiss and make up before Leah heads off?

Irene, Leah, Billie, Evelyn, Brody and Mason are all at the airport and can’t wait to celebrate Tori’s birthday. Tori is in good spirits, and is overjoyed when Nate turns up to be part of the party. As Duncan prepares for lift off, what could possibly go wrong?

Also, Tabitha is nothing but trouble, even if Olivia doesn’t realise it – but will her latest scam of entering Zac’s office put Olivia’s school exam results on the line?