Justin’s feelings for Willow are growing…

Will Justin have his heart broken?

When Mason discovers Willow and Justin have slept together, he warns his brother to stay away from her. Later, Willow asks Mason about Justin’s love life and he tells her that casual isn’t Justin’s style, so she decides to confront Justin about sleeping together and makes it clear she doesn’t do relationships. The pair have a dilemma on their hands, as Justin doesn’t want a fling, but they still end up sleeping together again!

Meanwhile, Olivia is acting cold towards Hunter and he wants to know what’s wrong. Olivia tries to tell him that she slept with Axel, but she can’t do it and tells him that she’s just anxious about her job situation with The Find. Later that day, Axel tells Olivia that she has a second chance with the label, but it isn’t exactly music to her ears, as she isn’t sure that working so closely with Axel is the right thing to do. Olivia tries to explain how she feels to Axel, but someone overhears the conversation and discovers that Olivia has cheated on Hunter.

Also, Ash and Tori are on their way to breakfast when they bump into John, who fills them in on the police raid at Kat’s flat. Ash rushes off to phone Kat, which upsets Tori. Will Ash’s concern with Kat drive a wedge between him and Tori?