Warren is still furious with Justin following his drunken confession about Becca, and orders him to tell the police the truth about why Becca is in prison. Meanwhile, Becca is having a hard time dealing with her increasingly psychotic cellmate Fran and is horrified when Justin turns up at visiting time to apologise and reveal he intends to tell the police the truth. A sceptical Becca makes it clear to Justin that she regrets their affair and is only interested in building a new life with Jake and baby Charlie.

With Hannah convinced she’s fat, Suzanne tries to cheer her up by taking her shopping. But Hannah is only interested in buying baggy clothes while Suzanne indulges herself in an array of tempting cream cakes. Later, depressed Hannah ends up guzzling the cream cakes, before throwing everything back up.

Gilly isn’t impressing sexy Nurse Roberts at the drugs trial, but nerdy Elliot is having more luck with his talk of alien medical experiments. A desperate Gilly asks Elliot to give him a crash course in geek-speak in return for the lowdown on Jessica. Elliot agrees and Gilly manages to land himself a date with Nurse Roberts, but Elliot’s play for Jessica doesn’t go down so well when Kris shows up.
* Screened on RTE, Tuesday 13th March *