At the Morgan household, Justin is telling Mason how furious he is that Lena and Zannis haven’t been arrested. However, their conversation is interrupted by Scarlett who tells them Brody has run off. As they all set off and search for Brody, Justin loses his temper and blames Scarlett for Brody’s disappearance. Scarlett is furious with Justin blaming her for Brody’s actions and tells him a few home truths. Will Justin accept he’s partly responsible for Brody running off?

Meanwhile, Nate is at The Diner organising a family fun day for the burns unit and Marilyn thinks it’s a great idea. Marilyn is even more enthused when she thinks John will be helping out with Nate’s plans. She tries to talk to John about the fun day, but he makes it clear he doesn’t want to talk to Marilyn. Is something wrong with John?

At the hospital, Alf is consoling Roo over her miscarriage. Still in emotional pain about the loss of her baby, Roo makes a life-changing decision and immediately tells Alf. Will Alf be able to support Roo’s decision?