Justin’s in Warren’s bad books

Worried Warren is desperate to get his hands on Sean’s missing wallet, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Clare manipulates Warren into suspecting that Justin stole the wallet from him, and he demands the truth from a terrified Justin. And with no other option, Justin promises that he’ll get the wallet back.

Still obsessing about Kris, Jessica ends up going to The Dog for a drink with him. But just as Jessica thinks she’s got Kris all to herself, Nathan turns up and he and Kris flirt all night. And things go from bad to worse when Jessica finds herself agreeing to a date with Darren…

Carmel feels guilty about her growing feelings for Aleksander, and confides in Louise that she fancies a married man. Meanwhile, Aleksander is missing home, and is struggling with his growing feelings for Carmel.

Hannah is still desperately trying to hide her feelings for John-Paul, and hastily invents a boyfriend to put him off the scent. But she’s gutted when John-Paul tells her he’s met a bloke himself, and feels despondent when she and John-Paul bump into Spike.

Later, as John-Paul and Spike have a bite to eat at II Gnosh, John-Paul tries to pluck up the courage to ask Spike out on a proper date.

*Screened on TV3, Tuesday May 8*