Justin’s left in charge of The Loft

Newt and Lauren have had a restless night after finding a body in the woods. And when they find out a furious Calvin is looking for them, they’re terrified at the prospect of facing him and end up confessing to killing Elliot.

A nervous Justin enlists Katy’s help to prepare The Loft for Las Vegas night in Warren’s absence. The clubbers pile in, but Justin panics when he realises a mistake on the flyers has led the punters to think they’re getting free drinks. Meanwhile, Louise and Warren’s night out together is a complete disaster and Warren’s mood only gets worse when he finds out exactly what Justin has done in The Loft.

Darren thinks of ideas to bring money into The Dog, but Jack is too busy worrying about the pub’s finances and snaps at him. Later, Jack apologises and says how proud he is that Darren is tackling his gambling addiction, which forces a guilty Darren to actually go to counselling. Darren heads off to his meeting but when he sees a sign for a sex addicts group, he signs up.

Also, Kieron moves out of the McQueens’ to distance himself from John-Paul and takes up Niall’s offer to crash at his.

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