Justin’s on the run!

This week Justin hatches a plan to run away to London with teenage lover Tiffany, when his dad (headmaster Vaughan) and her mum (art teacher Allie) threaten to send him to boarding school in Aberdeen!

Although Tiffany doesn’t want to lose Justin she doesn’t really want to run away either. So, when he bullies her into packing her bags and running off with him, she secretly texts Allie to pick her up!

Allie, beside herself with rage, drives off with Tiffany, but leaves Vaughan’s son Justin by the side of the road…

Later when Justin turns up at the family home, Vaughan is overcome that 4his troublesome son is home safely and he promises he no longer has to go to boarding school. This causes a major rift between Allie and Vaughan when Allie realises she has no choice but to move out of the house with Tiffany.

Elsewhere, Gabriella Wark’s fashion designer mum invites Rhiannon to become her new plus-sized model. At first Rhiannon is flattered, but when she witnesses Mrs Wark’s doctoring of her images, Rhiannon walks away from the project.

Meanwhile, headmaster Simon’s first interview with a new school in Wales goes so well he’s invited to a second deciding interview. While Simon’s away, PE teacher Hector begs Simon’s wife Sue to rekindle their affair. Will she choose her sensible husband or her racy lover?