Kacey Barry’s place on the football team has always been a contentious issue, as she’s the only girl to play for Waterloo Road.

On the day of the inter-school football final, Michael steps in to ban Tom from letting her play. He’s realised that it’s against the rules to have her on the boys’ team, and Tom’s furious that Kacey is going to miss out. The snub knocks Kacey’s confidence, and she realises she’s in the midst of an identity crisis. Tom sees her upset and decides to allow her to play on the team. However, there’s a big condition – she must pretend to be a boy to play.

Meanwhile, Michael is apologetic to Christine about how he reacted towards her and the break up of their relationship. He wants to try and make it up to her, but she tells him that she’s more concerned about being a good mum to Connor. However, little does she know that Connor and Imogen are planning a little matchmaking between the pair…

Back at the football, Kacey ends up winning the match. But the team’s victory is put in jeopardy when friend Zoe plants a kiss on her, sending Barry over the edge and blurting out to everyone that she’s secretly a girl. Kacey’s left shaken and upset by the incident, leading her to declare that inside she feels as though she’s a boy.