Kane is in big trouble

Things get worse for Kane after being caught by Ric and Larry robbing a shop, when Larry tries to play the hero and ends up motionless on the floor after Kane pushes his head onto the counter. Freaked by what he’s done, Kane flees. After telling Kirsty what happened, the couple sneak into hospital to get Oliver, before taking off.

After being taken to hospital, tests on Larry find a high alcohol content in his blood. It is also discovered that he has taken a lot of aspirin, which has thinned his blood, increasing the danger of his condition and making it risky to be operated on. But when Aden finds out, he is furious with his dad for drinking again and lays into Larry before storming off.

When Irene learns that Kane committed the robbery and put Larry in hospital, she realises it’s time she went to the police with the truth. After she gives Jack and Fitzgerald a description of Kane and Kirsty’s car, they swiftly track it down. Kane lets Kirsty and Oliver out, but he is pursued by the cops to a dead end in the bush. Can he get away?

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday July 29*

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