Kane pleads guilty

As the day of Kane’s court case arrives, Kirsty and Morag have one last unsuccessful attempt at persuading him to plead not guilty. But Kane is determined to face the consequences of his actions and pleads guilty. Despite good character references, he is sentenced to nine years in jail. Morag visits him in jail to discuss an appeal, but Kane rejects the idea, and also tells Morag he wants his wife and child out of his life. Morag is left to break the news to a stunned Kirsty.

Worried that Ric isn’t coping after the robbery, Miles tries to persuade him to take some time off. But his aggressive attitude doesn’t win him many friends. First, he lays into Jai for interrupting his sleep. Then he snaps at Matilda in front of Alf and Jai, just as she was about to present him with a surprise breakfast. Has he over-stepped the mark?

Miles is getting suspicious as to why Jai wanted Matilda to tutor him and wonders if he has a crush on her. He ends up suggesting that Jai cut back on the tutorials to give Matilda and Ric a bit of space.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday August 5*

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