Kane returns to the Bay

Kane has won his appeal and is now a free man. He secretly returns to the bay, confiding only in Irene and covertly watches Kirsty with Miles and Ollie. He asks Irene to give Kirsty a letter; Kirsty can get in touch if she wants but Irene can’t bring herself to hand the letter over. Kirsty is wondering why Ollie keeps mentioning his “Daddy” as Ollie saw Kane watching.

Alf isn’t finding it easy to relax, particularly as he can’t speak to anyone about Bridget’s cancer. When his angina comes back because of the stress he is under, Alf can’t hide the physical pain from Martha and is forced to tell her what’s on his mind.

Angelo has a way to bring Tim and the developers down. He arranges bail for Nobby telling him that the magnitude of the crime will come with a large sentence, unless he helps Angelo. Nobby is persuaded to wear a listening device but as Angelo listens in on the conversation between Nobby and Tim, it seems their plan has been foiled. Nobby admits that Angelo sent him. This is followed by the sound of complete silence on the tape device and later a threatening phone call to Angelo from Tim. Has Tim killed Nobby?

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday January 27*

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