Karen and Imogen wise up to Lauren!

Freya’s purse goes missing at the Campus and Lauren mentions Imogen’s shoplifting. Freya doesn’t want to incriminate her, but when Imogen realises what Lauren has told Freya she starts to act guiltily. Lauren calls Julia, and Karen goes with Julia to the Campus and asks Imogen outright if she stole the purse – Imogen says no.

Karen declares Imogen is innocent and accuses Lauren of bullying her. With Karen’s support, Imogen tells Julia about Lauren’s behaviour. Lauren claims Karen is trying to bully her and offers to replace her at The Mill. Julia suggests Lauren leave as planned so that Imogen will withdraw her complaint. Lauren reluctantly agrees, but won’t go down without a fight. Freya then sheepishly reveals her purse was in her car.

Meanwhile, Daniel avoids Cherry, feeling guilty for advising Jimmi to pick Eva. Jimmi enjoys winding him up, but Cherry is completely oblivious.

Also, Daniel’s judgement is tested to the max when he ends up handcuffed to a drug addict demanding methadone tablets.