Emma’s surprised when Adam comes into The Mill – he’s not there to see her, he’s got a bite on his leg, but he wants to know why she ignored his calls last night. Howard introduces himself and is taken aback that Emma hasn’t spoken about him to Adam. Adam’s treated by Mandy, who thinks his bite is infected – she also thinks he’s great and makes a point of saying so to Emma – but Emma’s preoccupied watching Mrs Tembe giving Adam a hard time about yoga.

Later, Emma comes home to find Adam, Mandy and Karen doing an impromptu hot yoga class – Adam felt certain Emma wouldn’t mind. Furious, she walks out of the room but her anger dissipates as he kisses her. Emma’s seriously unimpressed as she sits in the boiling hot living room watching the hilarious sight of Karen and Mandy trying to replicate the demanding hot yoga moves with Adam… as earnest and serious as ever.

Mrs Tembe catches Heston yawning and wonders if he was up listening to the late night broadcast of HMS Pinafore. Heston says no but is clearly distracted looking for his food shopping, which he seems to have misplaced. Heston jokes to Emma that he’s having another ‘senior’ moment then asks if she believes in the spirit world. Later, Heston picks his jacket off the back of his consulting room door and is surprised to find his shopping hanging from the hook…

Also, Niamh gets involved in a family dispute when a surrogate changes her mind about keeping the baby!