Karen and Mrs Tembe become housemates

Mrs Tembe’s excited that Karen is moving in with her today; all Karen needs is love and support but Mandy says it might not be that easy. Karen’s not that impressed with Mrs Tembe’s house and asks for a TV in her room, so Mrs Tembe reluctantly agrees to get one. Karen then helps Mrs Tembe cook fajitas but the Mexican food is strange to Karen, who throws it in the bin when Mrs Tembe isn’t looking.

They try to watch a DVD together but all Mrs Tembe’s seem boring to Karen, who declares she’s going out for a walk. When Mrs Tembe says she’ll accompany her, Karen’s angry she can’t go out alone, claiming she is like a prisoner, and stomps off to her room wanting to be left alone. Heston calls later to check up on them and Mrs Tembe hides her disappointment with the situation, claiming all is fine.

Meanwhile, Heston has an audition for a local pantomime. But when he condemns the script to the show’s director – who also turns out to be the writer – a war of words ensues…

Also, Jimmi is left holding the baby when a patient urgently needs to stop his wife from doing something they will both regret.